Making a change

When we decide upon a wise decision to make a positive change to better ourselves heartfully,we are truly actively exercising love for those we care,for all others as well as our own being……………..


The willow and the oak tree

The willow and the oak tree……

I love the anology of the willow bending in the wind,whether it be to a a mighty storm or a gentle breeze….the willow simply bends as low as it will be according to the wind’s gusts and stay down as long as it has to!

And till the winds ease off its fury…it will spring up again and dance and be joyful and grateful for being adaptable to adversities and know that ‘this too shall pass’ .…

For the willow to me represents the strength of humility and the forebearance of resilience…… accepts its fate of the unknown and uncertain arising of the natural phenomena of the wind element which it cannot control or have power over…

So with its own flexibility and softness it does not resist and try to fight back or struggle against but instead it sees its courage to bend and flow and rise up again and again …so too in our human life,we will face uncertainties of life situations and if we practice humility(not humiliation)and kindness and benevolence,we can be prepared,we open our hearts to resiliency and courage to cope and deal with each present given moment whatever life throws at us…good or bad,sad or happy,praise or blame,gain or loss………

On the other hand the mighty oak tree lives with the arrogance and ignorance of thinking it being undeafeatable, unrelenting and powerful and able to control any circumstances…it is not flexible,it is not prepared for the fiercest rage of the most furious windstorm….so it breaks into two under the blow of the mighty wind and is unable to get up, enjoy and be grateful to rise up again and dance even to the slightest breeze!

The practise of opening and cultivating the heart to love oneself and others


Let not guilts , shames and fears keep our hearts locked and imprisoned in pain and suffering.
We don’t have to hang onto to past mistakes, regrets, abuses,grief/traumatic experiences,bad memories and the ‘what ifs’,’why didnt I’,’why did I’sentiments.
There is no reason to keep our afflictions buried within us and allowing our lives to be lived in shallowness and limitations of a greater purpose to life for ourselves and others.

All enlightened beings and spiritual teachers of past and present had to do the same, to purge themselves of toxic/poisonous afflictive states and renew and transform and allow their true light of love to shine forth.
All of them showed compassion and understanding of their own suffering and that of others and have been and are still passing on the knowledge of the truth of the existence of suffering and the ways out of it so that others might be wise enough to follow through the same and become ambassadors of peace and healing.

There is enough of unhappiness,silent and active aggression,animosity and joylessness hovering around wherever we are….perhaps we cannot see that truth as we are too busy into our own distractions and burdens.However, there might be some people who are using outwardly fun, comic and jovial antics as cover-up for their inner discontent.Its not to say that we cannot have healthy enjoyments, fun, recreation and relaxation which might help uplift the weary spirit… time in nature by the beach,drives/outings,museums,cooking/baking,reading,music,celebrations,etc.
All the same most of us are in denial and can become defensive when speaking of suffering/unhappiness….we can refuse to believe or to acknowledge our inner discord and disharmony as we might surfacely portray ourselves as ‘healthy’, ‘wealthy’,’wise’(educated),religious practising,having done nothing wrong criminally,abiding the laws of the land,etc.etc……yet deep within, there is a dark cloud of secrecy and feeling ‘impure’,uncleaned and unloved,that feeling of nothing is enough/good/right………

In my own experience……. November 1998,after coming back from Saudi Arabia,landing in Vancouver,Canada, I immediately felt a terrible heartache where I felt like ‘dying’,a feeling like I was a criminal who was hiding the biggest ‘black heart’ within myself….I felt spiritually thirsty and in need of tremendous amount of soul food and comfort,it felt like a deadly desperation to bring nourishment to my soul….November 17th 1998,as I remember driving myself to St. Paul’s church seeking for something to quench my parched being,I stood outside the church door feeling like a criminal and literally said to myself….”I am turning myself in,help me!” That was the beginning of a long beautiful spiritual journey of delving/meditating into the deepest recess of my being courageously facing painful and ineffable truths,acknowledging and forgiving and letting go of my life’s worth of transgressions…….as well as looking into the true face of beauty of my Inner Self….face to face with the treasures of Heaven!,there I found love and joy and truth resided innately waiting to be discovered by the true seeker…………

Like everyone else, I was clamouring for love outside of myself until I found it Within myself……….within each being lies this treasure of heaven(Love/God/Truth/Light/Universal consciouness/Atman/Brahman/Allah/Buddha or Christ consciousness/Divinity etc.).Each and every single human being has the highest potential to touch and be open to this sacred space Within if we are sincere and courageous to take a ride into ourselves!While we are still yet to open ourselves to the inward journey, we can practise being mindful and being aware of our thoughts, actions, speech and intentions in order to have some level of comfort, of peace, understanding, respect and care towards ourselves and for others

One of the ways I had to practise while on the journey inwards is develop what the Buddhist calls Loving-Kindness meditation….to develop the ability to love,to be compassionate,to be kind to ourselves, to our loved ones, friends, strangers,enemies and the world……….
I share this with you to help you on your journey ….if you can find time, make a little effort, be sincere and dedicated whenever you can,allow yourself to simply be,no need to be hard on yourself….everything takes time,there is no easy way out for true healing and peace to descend upon us!
This is the youtube link on loving kindness meditation,easy to follow and understand.

Do we want to hear that voice seeking us?


In truth,what are we seeking for in life?… seems like we go round in circles,finding for something to fulfill our lives,yet we know inside ourselves that nothing is enough,unsatisfying and mundane.

We go about doing the same things day in and day out…we dont know what it is that seems to be beckoning us……..we do the same chores,interact positively/negatively with our family and friends,colleagues,socially we try to meet new ones,experiment with all kinds of exciting/unexciting ventures,we do this and that,go here and there,afraid of boredom and feeling restless.We might find some sort of comfort in religious activities.Sometimes, sad to say, the ones dear and close to us can become monotonous to be with.Our unconscious addictions and habituated unhealthy living patterns can be so mentally draining and emotionally frustrating to carry on with………….

Yes,eventhough,it may appear that we are contented with our lives,jobs and everyday living, quite often we might find ourselves saying secretly…….”when will I find some peace and quiet,when will there be more to life than all these same old things, I hate this life,I can’t take/cope with this anymore,I am unhappy/sad/disturbed,I wish I could run away and hide somewhere,etc,etc”……………..

Yes, we can STOP,give ourselves permission to listen to our inner needs! Most often we push our limits,disregard to care for ourselves,are we helping those we say we love if we are unhappy,unfulfilled and openly or quietly disturbed.Can we sincerely and altruistically bring peace,love and comfort to others in our disarray state of being?Do we truly want to find peace and loving-kindness for ourselves and others and make this world a better place to live in?

As Sufi poet and mystic Rumi says……”what you are seeking is seeking you”……………..
Truly, each one of us is seeking that voice of Truth and Love which has been buried deep under the rubble of fear and selfish desires,insecurities(boundaries) and worldly attachments….that voice beckons with every heartbeat and is very faint under all that heavily weighted affictions on top………..we can only hear that still small voice seeking us when we seek it out in the practise of humility and surrendering to the unknown Silence………………..

Fear not the Unknown……………..
it already knows You…..
on the other side……Love awaits
its voice hauntingly sweet…it frightens!
it is no seduction……..
it is the sound of Yourself…..
the voice of Truth
calling for a Change to come Home……..
crying from Within
promising to lead you Home safely………………
Unbecome to its fear