Discerning the Truth

Deep within the heart, the self,we are all(yes, every single human being irregardless of religion, race, creed,gender,etc.)we are already on the spiritual path,each one is already awake and enlightened and is truly able to practice, to live in the way of truth and unconditional love,to exercise wisdom and peacefulness,to enjoy and rejoice in works of kindness and charity and to be an asset to humanity,to be creators of harmony!

Why do we not experience this truth?

The spirit/the true self is blocked,drowned by the variety of seductive noises of the world,by the hurdles we dare not jump over,the doors of favourable selfless opportunities that we are afraid to open,the taunting pressure of others that threaten the courage of opening to the truth and by the ego-centric desires/attachment to remain in the ‘comfort-zone’of falsehood.Therefore how do we hear the still small voice of Truth calling from Within?

Whose voice are you willing to pay important attention to?The world/others or to your own Truth Within?Are we willing to live in the illusion of ‘false hope’ or the courage to live our lives facing and living in the Truth?


Author of ‘To Resurrect the True Self’


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