Opening the Eyes of Consciousness

When I see through the eyes of Love, I see no enemies…

When I see through the eyes of Peace, I learn to forgive and let go of past wrongdoings…

When I see through the eyes of Charity, I cultivate understanding and respect for the helpless and those hurting…

When I see through the eyes of Joy,my Heart flutters with kindness to give comfort and ease…

When I see through the eyes of Humility,I allow myself the courage and strength to be opened to responsibilities instead of blame…

When I see through the eyes of Mercy and Forgiveness,I admit my own mistakes and that of others…

When I see through the eyes of Patience,I come to surrender being in the Moment,to learn and to accept…

When I see through the eyes of Faith and Trust,everything becomes an experience without resistence,denial and defense…

When I see through the eyes of Compassionate Wisdom,I learn to not be fearful to the Truth…

When I see through the eyes of Awareness,I see myself One with the Whole of Creation!


We are the True Shining Star

We are the Shining Star awaiting to be born in the darkness and silence of night!

In the time of Jesus, there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus who came to Jesus in the night and asked,”how can a man be born when he is old?”Jesus replied,”I tell you the truth,no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is Born again.”~~~~ Gospel of John chapter 3:verse 3 New International Version~~~~~

Silent night,Holy nightAll is calm,all is bright!Sleep in Heavenly Peace!

Within the silence of each our minds and hearts, a sublime revolution is taking place…….the Birth of the Christ/God Consciousness or in Buddhism the Buddha Nature.In this Birth, The True Self,Truth,Wisdom,Clarity and Luminous Awareness become the Bright Shining Star projecting from the depths of our Being out into the world for all to see!We truly rest in Heavenly Peace in the knowledge of our True Nature that awaits to be born anew…

So how are we to be born again as Jesus had said so that we may see that kingdom of God?___

___when we change,transform from the old habituated self/unwholesome life patterns___

___when we die to selfishness/egocentric identification into selflessness and virtuous practices___

___when we awake from unconsciousness(ignorance) into Consciousness(Awareness)

___when we remove the blindfolds of falsehood and fearfulness to courageously live in the Light of Truth___

___when we cease following the crowd and walk through the narrow gate inwardly into the self

There is no other kingdom of Heaven/God(somewhere in the future or destination) but the only one we each carry within ourselves Now in this very moment and can potentially be born right Now to be the Light of Love to offer as our gift to the world!

Spend a silent time with ourselves in sacred wonder!

Peace and positive changes begin with each of us!The world is changing,the world is being blessed with so much gifts and bestowment of graciousness despite all the chaos that is happening and has happened.

Within each of us,if we dare to look deeply and truthfully,we find that we are spiritually evolving…we cannot remain the same, untouched,unmoved or stuck in a negative way permanently.

Every moment truth and goodness are surfacing awaiting for us to act upon.We are the True Bright Shining Star that the world needs for healing and peaceful resolutions….we start with each of us opening up to live in the awareness of love and kindness in our own lives,in our family, in our society,thus permeating and radiating out to the world.


A Compassionate Sharing of the Heart

I resonate with all those who are suffering severely in this winter months.My heart opens in compassion for the lonely(those who have lost loved and dear ones,to those about to lose loved ones through terminal illnesses)the heartbroken,the disabled,the seniors,the sick,the poor,the homeless,the mentally challenged,victims of bully and hatred,anger and violence,to those women,children and victims of war-torn countries….how much of suffering they endure in the worst of terrorized circumstances.To all of us tormented by fear and our lives disrupted by the dreaded spread of covid-19.I sit in quietness and breathe in and out offering sincere good wishes(prayers)for all our safety and protection and end of suffering.May all beings be free of suffering.

Most endearing to my heart is the remembrance of my time walking on the streets of Eastside Downtown Vancouver especially so in this cold,windy,rainy and sometimes snowy times of the winter months where I would walk for 4-5 nights a week being with women and men as well,who would sell and abuse their bodies,intoxicate themselves with heavy drug usage and have no inkling about life or death.These winter months are the worst for them….to stand in the cold and be drenched in rain/snow…..almost inhuman,how and what they subject themselves into just to make some money to feed their various hardcore cravings. Underneath all those atrocities and sufferings….there is a human heart filled with a potential to open to Love.Although they might be condemned or judged for their own mistakes and faults and transgressions….we too share the same transgressions to a much more contained extent.They are mothers,wives, sisters,daughters,sons,fathers and loved ones,left downtrodden,homeless and forgotten.Most of them have/had scarred their bodies so grotesquely.Most lost their teeth,their bodies ravaged by needle marks and scabs and infected wounds,some were beautiful(thru photos they kept and shown to me)and now unrecognizable!No matter what, the Christmas season is always painful for them. The sadness they faced of being separated from children and loved ones,owning up to their follies and mistakes but too caught up with the addictions.Not being able to celebrate the festive season,they talk of their unworthiness and self-loathing, low esteem.There are also the hardened cynical ones who would speak crudely of the Christmas festivities.As I walked,tears would sometimes run down my cheeks….there was nothing I could do……..I brought along my opened heart,to give hugs,a kiss,a hand to hold and caress,a listening ear,my shoulders to cry on,a few words of comfort,my stilled presence and a quiet inner compassionate disposition.

I share a story of Alice,known for her violence and had assualted someone with a pair of scissors.During my walk on the streets, I noticed Alice(after a while,I got to know most of them personally) with a big infected boil the size of a grape on one of her wrist.I offered to take her to emergency.She reluctantly agreed,so I told her to wait for me after I have completed my routine walk.She was waiting for me as I had told her surprisingly.As soon as she came into my car,she demanded for a certain sum of money.I calmly declined.She was escalating and kept demanding angrily, refusing to go to the emergency as planned.I saw in her hand she had a sharp-edged hairbrush.I remained collected and declined to give any money.She threatened to beat someone to get money, she also shouted that she was going to rob a store to get the money.By then, she was banging hard on the dashboard,screaming/shouting profanities insisting for money.I told her that she could do whatever she wanted to do but I am not going to give her any money to buy drugs.I gently reminded her that I cared for her and promised to take her to emergency to help treat her infected wrist.I was aware she had the hairbrush in her hand.Soon tears flowed down my face and she could see my sadness,that I was adamant to not give her money despite her fury.She stopped and walked out my car banging the door so hard upon exit.I drove away crying as usual for both our sufferings.

One day after a few weeks of not seeing her on the streets,she was standing at her usual corner and approached me,gave me a hug and a handmade rosary.What joy that brought to my heart.She later left for another location and I never saw her again.


Mind vs.Heart

The choices made and actions undertaken based on the confused, disturbed and busy mind are always taken with fearfulness and selfish derivative.Feats done out of fear and selfishness are limited and conditioned according to and influenced by beliefs and on the approval and the needing to be recognized by others.Thus work carried by fear proves no benefit to self or for others,it is only superficial and fleeting.

The Heart acts based on its own integrity,independently,courageously,with wise discernment and without needing others’ approval and attention.It acts solely to do what is beneficial, good and asserts positive lasting growth for self and others.


Seeking what we already Are

We seek to be Loved from others…but we are already Love itself!

We seek for gifts from others because we want to feel special…but we are already gifts ourselves to make others special.

We seek to Love others…but we forget to Love ourselves First…

We are all Loved and Lovers…capable of receiving and giving love freely and unconditionally in this moment when we are fully aware of our Loving Presence…


Present in Love

When Love becomes the only law we follow in deep understanding,wisdom,and courage,we allow the authencity of life to be lived out.This authencity of living is fearless and balanced in facing adversities,hardships,difficulties as well as happy moments.Love is all that we are,have and sustained by in the Presence of Awareness.


Letting go of the ‘yo-yo’ effect

When we can learn to practice or even try to come to an understanding of the freeing feeling that comes by letting go, to release the need for control of any sort,the clinging tendencies solely to pleasant sensations and ‘high’ moods,Can we come close to simply being present to all states we experience(good and bad alike) in equanimity and not get trapped in a ‘yo-yo’ effect,that up and down moody states that affects our own peacefulness and that of others.We do this by being present and watching ourselves,being mindful of our thoughts,speech, deeds(the habitual and addictive activities that is energy draining and tiresome)and emotional expressions( are we being judmental,critical and condescending of ourselves and others?).


Witnessing Inner Joy

Watch when we do or say or express a kindly deed for another without any apparent reason,intention or under any conditions.Be a participant in sincerity to make another feel happy(not to please to gain favours or recognition).Could we feel and experience that inherent joy arising from within?It doesn’t matter whether that person/s turn around to hurt,ridicule, be cynical,sarcastic, belittle or taunt us the very next moment(those are the reflection of their inner unhappy/ungrateful state).We learn to become grateful by experiencing and fulfilling the Joy that we can come to know is true,living within us!We also need to feel and witness the full capacity of our innate goodness,our inherent nature of loving-kindness,compassion and benevolence.No one brings/gives us unadulterated happiness and joy,we ourselves are the creators of true joy and lasting happiness!