Author of To Resurrect the True Self

A book I wrote in 2019 after journaling for almost 20 years of my spiritual experiences, insights and knowledge while delving slowly inward into my self.I had to face my faults and carefree,selfish ways to look deeply for the truth of life and its mysteries.So therefore, I had to resurrect,so to speak all that innate goodness(kindness, compassion,wisdom and joyfulness) that was lying dormant waiting for me to courageously bring forth and manifest in daily living.

I write here on this site for the only purpose and intention is to share the human spiritual experiences and journey from one of worldly which I had been living,frivolous,carefree,and ignorant of all the sufferings I endured wastefully and needlessly and now to a simple,frugal and peaceful way of living.
I had no particular personal spiritual teacher nor am I affliated to any one traditional religious teaching,although I was born into a Catholic family and practiced Catholicism most of my life. While opening up to my inner self-realization journey,I followed dedicatedly to the teachings of Jesus and Buddhist philosophy/teachings.My teachers were many through the various books and religious traditions I read.Some of my favourite teachers were Pema Chodron,Jack Kornfield,Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Brahm.Paramahansa Yogananda ,Echkart Tolle and many others.

I had an exhilarating priviledge of sitting with world renowned spiritual teacher and author of the bestselling book ‘The Power of Now’ Echkart Tolle and sharing our spiritual experiences together.
I wish only for the highest good in everyone! I will be sharing on my inner journey,life and spiritual insights as I go along the blog.Healing is not only for the body,but incorporates,mind,body and spirit! I would welcome comments,questions and sharings.