What do we do for peace?

When we speak of wanting peace in our lives,we first have to put down weapons of self destructive behaviours,put up the white flag of surrender …….opening up to humility and forgiveness……..

How then can we negotiate peace within ourselves,while still holding on to weapons that could destroy ourselves and others?

Be like the tree

Slowly when we realise all those that no longer benefit our spiritual growth towards peace, kindness,joy and love……let them all go! Be like the tree that sheds its dead leaves! New leaves will grow ………………..

Changing negative tones into purposeful ones

Try not to judge yourself or be critical of anything you say or do or think.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves saying mentally to ourselves upon arising in the morning , “oh another lousy day,”or”I am sick and tired of the same old thing”or”I hate this life”……….

Many times during the day, we might catch ourselves ruminating negatively …..pause! and tune in and start becoming aware of(in other words start a scan of the body and thoughts)……. where am I now, who am I, what am I feeling/doing,there is a purpose for all of this……try and change the negative tones into purposeful ones……….and with constant practise,go deeper into spiritually beneficial and meaningful ones that help yourself and others grow…………

Being light-hearted on this human journey

Being light-hearted on this human journey…………..



They say laughter is the best medicine……would we,could we have a little laugh/smile at ourselves sometime?


Along the path of life we tend to get serious about life’s burdens and varied hardships.We push ourselves as hard as we can to make life look seemingly tolerable and manageable….yet in truth we know of the disturbances/uneasiness going on within the being.


So some of us are clever to hide behind a false facade…..we learn to protect our identity….so we portray ourselves as funny, full of humour,making everything into a joke or fun.Can we really do that all the time with everything and with everyone?When we try to please others to appear like we are happy and wanting to project that ‘happiness’ towards them,are we looking to be liked and popular and validated……?

Can that wanting to be liked,’loved’ be a sort of addictive inclination?There is also that tendency to poke fun at others, making fun at the vulnerability and’timidity’of others…..laughing at others in order to put them down and to derive selfish satisfaction for ourselves.


But then on the inner side of that funny facade there is a hardness, a toughness, a rigidity that cannot soften ….the cycle goes round and round in endless circle that cannot be broken….so they handle themselves callously with dealing in difficult and challenging situations almost to the point with a negligent,’devil may care’ attitude.


It is not to say that we cannot be funny or have humour in our lives or on the other hand that we must be always serious with everything we do in life…..that seriousness too will become unbearably hard on our psyche,almost fanatical,it will also be hard

for others to tolerate being close to us….


We are not on our journey in life to wear masks(pretenses) especially not the masks of comedy and tragedy.We are not here to please others by being a comedienne,neither are we to bring others down with our unhappiness.There is nothing wrong with having a little entertainment to make us smile and uplifted but not at the expense of others or ourselves being hurt by it.


However as we journey on the human road, no matter what,whether we believe/follow a religion or deemed to call ourselves atheists/agnostic we are on a spiritual quest….to opening our hearts to love,to be human, to be compassionate and relate to the joys and sufferings of each other,helping growth towards goodness.


While we are on this earthly travels, we can practise having a lightness of being towards ourselves…seeing ourselves with a clear honesty,seeing our flaws and mistakes, foolishness and guilts…..then instead of being hardened,critical and judgemental by our faults,we can have a little humour with ourselves to bring tenderness to that difficult part,so we can get thru it and hold ourselves in courage and spiritual valor!Practising this light-heartedness prevents us from running away from our true self,so we can stand bravely and face it with some self humour.Sometimes it is not easy to find that humour and sometimes it comes so naturally to laugh or smile at oneself when looking into our idiosyncrasies.


In my own self searching walk within myself…….I saw so many of my failed endeavours,fearfulness, foolish reveries, terrible mistakes, faults, regrets and painful memories filled with guilts and shame,…..then sometimes, automatically a smile would surface from within and sometimes I would laugh heartily to see my own past foolishness.It is as though,I was looking at somebody else,not me, could I have been capable of such awful things?It is as though everything was becoming lighter because of my courage to look into them,to face them and come to know them.


By smiling and laughing at  oneself ,the heart lightens,it acts like a soft mattress so the hardknocks of facing the truths are buffered.Smiling and laughing at one’s own self also helps create simplicity and self playfulness to be able to withstand the hard realities of life,it helps to not make life so grave and grim.


Laughing and smiling at oneself as well with others along the spiritual path is a way of also having simplistic pleasure and enjoyment so that the continuing journey is not one of doom and gloom and it helps with the painting of a beautiful picture of oneself to notice that we can smile and show sincere happiness when facing harsh truths….it then becomes the practising of opening to inner joy……….and that joy will extend outwards……..I like laughing heartily and smiling amusingly………it comes from the surrendered simplicity and joy of my heart!

Simply Being

When you are sitting,simply know you are sitting,when you eat,eat,when you are walking,simply note….”I am walking”……all these may seem to make no sense but its the practise of being aware/mindful of being in the present moment,one way of training the busy mind to acknowledge presence and to be attentive of only the Now!

The willow and the oak tree

The willow and the oak tree……

I love the anology of the willow bending in the wind,whether it be to a a mighty storm or a gentle breeze….the willow simply bends as low as it will be according to the wind’s gusts and stay down as long as it has to!

And till the winds ease off its fury…it will spring up again and dance and be joyful and grateful for being adaptable to adversities and know that ‘this too shall pass’ .…

For the willow to me represents the strength of humility and the forebearance of resilience……..it accepts its fate of the unknown and uncertain arising of the natural phenomena of the wind element which it cannot control or have power over…

So with its own flexibility and softness it does not resist and try to fight back or struggle against but instead it sees its courage to bend and flow and rise up again and again …so too in our human life,we will face uncertainties of life situations and if we practice humility(not humiliation)and kindness and benevolence,we can be prepared,we open our hearts to resiliency and courage to cope and deal with each present given moment whatever life throws at us…good or bad,sad or happy,praise or blame,gain or loss………

On the other hand the mighty oak tree lives with the arrogance and ignorance of thinking it being undeafeatable, unrelenting and powerful and able to control any circumstances…it is not flexible,it is not prepared for the fiercest rage of the most furious windstorm….so it breaks into two under the blow of the mighty wind and is unable to get up, enjoy and be grateful to rise up again and dance even to the slightest breeze!