The humble beggar

The spiritual journey is like a humble hungry beggar who knocks on the door of the Master for food,quietly persistent,never complaining or showing anger despite being turned away umpteen times.The master finally sees the patience,sincerity and devotion of the beggar and at last invites the beggar in for a sumptous feast!

Sharing our stories

We need to share our stories of tragedies and failures, betrayals and disappointments, heartbreaks and griefs and how it changed(improved) or affected our lives,how we utilised courage and strength,had to make difficult wise decisions to benefit ourselves and others,how we had to forgive and love despite adversities,how we learned to have faith and trust in moments of hopelesness and despair,how we jumped hurdles that we never thought we could and why we did the things we did in order to fulfill our lives higher purpose!

We need to inspire,to motivate, to encourage true goodness and truth and peacefulness and harmony,respect,integrity,understanding and dignity within ourselves and the lives of others.

If not us who is going to facilitate this for the benefit of ourselves,our children, environment and the world….isnt there enough of misery around us all.It is so easy to partake and enjoy external reveries,fantasies and illusory ephemeral pleasures but why are we so afraid to access and display the beauty abound within us?

The light of mindfulness

Applying mindfullness and being aware of all that goes on within our being,in our thoughts,in our feelings, in our speech and in our actions is truly being vigilant and wise …. it is like carrying a torchlight/flashlight while walking along a dark path instead of trying to be foolishly heroic to think its safe to walk in darkness without a light……………

The Divine Masterpiece within………

Each and every human being carries within us the Divine masterpiece, a collage of kindness, tenderness, mercy,forgiveness,joyfulness,peacefulness and love………….so why do we need to compete, be envious and selfish,to be fooled by the false glitters of the world,to hold grudges/aversions and animosity,why are we against one another,why are we aggravated by the slightest annoyance of each other….when we are filled with treasures that is compared to the kingdom of Heaven that even sovereigns cannot contain within their palaces……why then we not want to undertake this great task of uncovering/discovering,displaying these innate riches within the self?

Changing negative tones into purposeful ones

Try not to judge yourself or be critical of anything you say or do or think.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves saying mentally to ourselves upon arising in the morning , “oh another lousy day,”or”I am sick and tired of the same old thing”or”I hate this life”……….

Many times during the day, we might catch ourselves ruminating negatively …..pause! and tune in and start becoming aware of(in other words start a scan of the body and thoughts)……. where am I now, who am I, what am I feeling/doing,there is a purpose for all of this……try and change the negative tones into purposeful ones……….and with constant practise,go deeper into spiritually beneficial and meaningful ones that help yourself and others grow…………

Facing ourselves

Facing ourselves…………

When we are fearful to come face to face,feel and experience our pains,sufferings,emotional/mental/psychological turmoils fully and deeply, all we do is burying them deeper and deeper…..we cannot be free of encumberances.we self imprison ourselves to a life of unhappiness and disharmony,confusion,inability to understand and relate and to experience the nobility/sanctity of compassion and joy….how would we be understanding,respectful and be of help and support for another?

When we stop to deal with whatever pain that we undergo one at a time,we can start facing realities,we can start facing the truth of our human conditions,we will come to know our human nature……..we can learn to be tender human beings,kindly and loving(inherent within us).We can therefore,learn to be adept to grow in heartfelt wisdom and not be afraid at handling and facing all other situations and circumstances as they arise……..we can therefore truly enjoy our lives fully and authentically…….

Can we for a minute imagine ourselves in the time of the Buddha or Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed,some thousands of years ago……what would we do for dealing with our everyday anxieties/worries…..can we imagine how we will be…….Who we are?who are we truly…..if we could ask ourselves this question!

Yes the truth is the hardest thing to face, it daunts and torments but once we brace ourselves to confront it head on,the fear dissipates……..we can free ourselves from chaos and witness our noble valor and inner vitality……even the vilest prisoner can free himself/herself from suffering by facing the truth of themselves….and find the freedom and peace and joy while still imprisoned.We need to empower ourselves in the truth rather give away our power to illusory beliefs and ideologies and fantasies that does nothing to help us heal and become humane, peaceful, loving,kind and beneficial to the growth of others……………
“and the truth shall set you free”~~~~~Jesus


Are we ready for healing

Are we ready for healing……


When we are sincere, ready and willing…….when we free ourselves to be open minded and to put down our own desire to control and think we already know everything and let go of holding on to our habituated ideas and notions about our lives….even a simple positive word such as ‘love’,’kind’,’forgive’,’tenderness’,’peace’,etc……can bring us to our knees to surrender to be inwardly touched/moved to create a space for meaningful change and spiritual growth and betterment…………………………

On the other hand,no amount of religious practises and promoting all sorts of pious projections ,beliefs,acts and displays of pretentious goodness, and piety will open the door of our hearts for true healing, compassion and wisdom for the absolute truth if the self remains complacent, fettered to fears and still wants to cling to mere egoic ideologies of self and others.
In order for true spiritual growth to be effective and be inculcated,the self must be onward and forward with sincere, fearless and selfless actions and practises to living out,facing and experiencing all manner of life’s lessons as it arises without putting barriers, limitations and conditions on all phenomenon, in order for wise heart to exercise true understanding and knowledge.

When I stood at the door of the church some 21 years ago, I knew within the depths of my heart I was ready and willing to put aside all my worldly egoic selfish habituated beliefs of all sorts in order to open my mind and heart to learn the ways of healing,new life and new birth to anything that might help me end suffering ……………….although I did not know what or how am I to proceed along this new route…..the main thing was taking the first step to be humbled and with the sincere and right intention of letting go of all false beliefs and the need to hold and control things that have already gone out of control…………….I surrendered and took courage to allow myself to walk thru the door of the unknown……………….