Finding Peace in Life

Finding Peace in Life

Do we truly want inner peace?How do we find inner peace?

We are plagued by incessant restlessness,worries of the mind,agitations,unconscious anger(kept silent or expressed),frustrations,fears,addiction of all sorts(being tired of its wasteful fanaticism) and unsettled resentful feelings,etc.This is the time of true testing when we can do something to help ourselves make an effort to learn from all adversities.This is the time we can learn to melt into the courage and strength of humility.We can then be our own true best friend,to say I need help and guidance to seek peace within myself.

But we say there are so much disturbances within myself and troublesome situations and people around who are aggravating my life!!

It all begins with the awareness of our own true sincere acknowledgements and recognition of all annoyances within the self and external circumstances.We can start to potentiate peace right NOW and it doesn’t matter who,how or what are disturbing us.We stand up tall to focus on PEACE itself.Where we are,where we sit,who we are mingling with,whatever we are doing,we can be aware of our thoughts and feelings and actions and speech.Then we can slowly observe ourselves and apply an effort to make a quiet change when we see the anger rising,the hatred seething,being gripped in uncontrollable tiresome habits, the restlessness looming,the resentments flaring up and the harsh,cynical/critical speech/voice surfacing.When we can allow sincere humble courage and not to be discouraged or be harsh to check ourselves in that moment,we can trigger a mild change.We can keep in constant practice of this simple exercise anywhere with anyone till it gets deeply rooted,till we witness our self-respect,understanding and confidence and heart warming up…compassion commences for ourselves and for others.We can continue to work with those around us by sincere understanding dialogue and actions.It is not easy but not impossible,we have all the gifts and sacred tools within us to warrant peace.

No matter how much we pray for peace or turn to ‘God’ and ask for healing and want an end to any type of misery, suffering and pain,we have to take action for it,to strive positively for it.No one can hand peace, joy, happiness and healing to us on a golden platter as each of us are looking for the same…it must come from within.Naturally,when we say we want peace and don’t do anything for it and remain ‘at war’ within ourselves and unconsciously to others,will we find or be an instrument of peace at all?

Yes,we can pray or chant or meditate or reflect but it has to be together with practical actions,self-assertive awareness and undertaking responsibilities,life can always change for the better no matter what situation we are in or whoever seem to be troubling us.

Just as when we want the freedom to drive a car,we need to find a competent driving instructor to go through a bit of difficulty to be trained to learn to drive first or we might be a danger to our selves and others while being incompetent on the road…or in this case on life’s journey!

Author of To Resurrect the True Self


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