Nothing will last Forever

Nothing last Forever

When we experience any kind of loss,despair and disappointments….we grieve,we feel the aching of the heart, anger arises,we hurt,we mourn and perhaps torment others and ourselves further.The sadness looms indefinitely!

—Do we want it to last forever?

—Will it last forever?

When we experience happiness,we laugh,we feel ‘high and frivolous’,we feel ecstatic,we celebrate,we smile and perhaps wastefully treat others.

—Can it last forever?

—Will it last forever?

When the mind is busy nattering and chattering with non-stop worries,fabricating stories of past remembraces and drifting with anxiety over future endeavours.

—Do we want it to last forever?

—Will it last forever?

When we witness suffering within us, around us and to those close and dear to us.

—Do we want it to last forever?

—Will it last forever?

Will we want only to be an island of selfish happiness surrounded by an ocean of misery?Or can and will we make a change and be a lighthouse of selfless love, wisdom, joy,kindness and peace to share with others and be a source of comfort,strength,courage and hope for ourselves and others?

Could we perhaps reflect…does our happiness depend on others or external circumstances or can we have a glimpse of bringing it out from Within?

Author of To Resurrect the True Self


Allow the Heart to be Broken

Let the Heart be broken

Whatever we need to feel in this moment,we allow ourselves to feel.Let the pain,grief, hurt,disappointments,loss,betrayals and joys open the path into the Heart and break open its door.Let yourself be not afraid of opening into the heart,for it is wise and knows how to fully feel its capacity and work its way to healing.When we fear to break the Heart,we block the True path to God(Love).

When we are so habitually dependent to identify with and believe on the state of the troubled mind,we find ways only to escape the afflictions thus prolonging pain and suffering.We are thus kept trapped in clinging and hankering for happy, pleasureable and false enticements…..

No matter what we may think,feel or believe ourselves to be,we are Pure energy of Love and Consciousness,incapable of deliberate injurious intentions! And while we travel along the journey of life,we have a sole purpose to find our way into the Heart to witness,be and live that Truth of who we Truly are! And so we can assist to make the world around us a brighter place to be in for ourselves and all those who live in it.

Can we truly reflect on this…..if we do not have love,joy and kindness to offer of ourselves…who or what are we?

Author of To Resurrect the True Self

The Call to Love

And how do we bring Love into the world?We first begin to become aware of our own lives,in our interaction with others….are we a source of kindness and loving presence?What and how do we feel truly about ourselves and how can we make a difference or a change?

We live each moment to the invitation and openness of Love.We are infinitely called to be kind, to practice charity/compassion,to respect and understand,to exude simplistic joy and selflessness,to offer and ask forgiveness for ourselves and others.These are the hardest/toughest yet the greatest ‘mountains’we need to animate(move with faith, courage,trust,humility) within ourselves to awaken us into the realm of Conscious Living!We each have that Power of a tender, wise heart to open up into the path of enlightenment,thus benefitting ourselves and others.

Author of To Resurrect the True Self

The Warrior Without an Enemy

The Warrior without an Enemy

I Am that warrior who fights without a sword,

I Am that warrior who is protected without a shield,

I Am that warrior who sees no enemies around me,

I Am that warrior whose purpose is to slay the ‘demons’within me,

I Am that warrior who champions fearlessly for Love,without prize or crown,

I Am that warrior who knows suffering and who seeks only to spread awareness of its wastefulness!

Author of ‘To Resurrect the True self’

Forgiving Power

Forgiving Power

In order to facilitate inner forgiveness for ourselves

or toward others, we need the strength and courage to

be humble, to allow the heart’s capacity to fully open,

and to bring down all barriers that had blocked the

heart from tenderizing, from loving, and from being

charitable. Humility aids the heart to soften, to be

pliable, to yield toward gentleness, and to be open to

learn from past mistakes.

In December 1998, while still in the beginning

stage of my journey of spiritual revelations, I used to

occasionally spend time with Sister Marilyn of the Grey

Nun Congregation. One time, I poured out some of my

past transgressions to her. She then asked me straight on

if I was willing to put down the heavy load that I was

carrying. Without hesitation, I said a firm “YES.” She

then asked if I would like to make a personal confession

with her friend, a monsignor at the chancery office of

the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver. I humbly and

wholeheartedly agreed.

I remembered the day, it was

sometime in late December 1998, and I must have spent

more than an hour in confession with Monsignor Smith.

It was to be my last Catholic rite of confession. I was

crying throughout the confessional time with heartfelt

shame and deep remorse for my past actions. Monsignor

was very empathetic and comforting toward me. He

pointed to a framed picture on the wall depicting a

scene showing Jesus throwing a life-saving buoy to a

drowning man in a perilous sea. I remembered feeling

free and relieved upon looking at the picture; it was a

knowing inside of me that was saying, “I am turning

my back toward the past and starting anew.” I walked

out of his office and into the Vancouver December rain.

I felt washed clean and joyful, and the peace gave me

the courage to say, “I want to make amends and never

to be that same person again.”

~~~~ excerpt from my book “To Resurrect the True Self”,page 168-169 ~~~~


Author of ‘To Resurrect the True Self’

Meeting ourselves

Meeting ourselves

There is a kaleidoscope of beauty we can meet within us when we truly sit in mindful breathing, contemplation/meditation to be aware of ourselves.Whatever our external circumstances are,we have these precious gems of Love, Wisdom and Joy within awaiting to be witnessed and utilized.Instead of discounting all the beauty we are, we can start opening up to it and make it a reality,to activate it in various ways and be creative when we have a glimpse of it.

That’s how we can start breaking the barriers down from our hearts that blocks us from truly living fearlessly,truthfully and wholesomely!

Author of ‘To Resurrect the True Self’

Sanctity of Our True Nature

When we revel in nature, how do we describe it,spectacular,marvelous,gorgeous and ineffable(when it is too immense to describe).We admire the authencity of nature, untainted,as it is,pure,untouched,original!And thats why we call it nature,in its raw naked form.

As we admire and marvel at every natural beauty in the sacred moment,the admiration itself reflects our own Pure,intact and Conscious state of Being.

Nature itself becomes the mirror to reflect our inner state so we can witness the Joy from where it arises…from Within!

When we walk we can make it a meditation,a prayer,a loving thought and intention.For each step we take, we can become aware of it and make it a peaceful awareness of the beauty we are Within.

We then can bring that peaceful awareness wherever we go, however we are,with whomever we are with.We can be mindful to remember that just as nature is ineffably beautiful,so is That within each and every being!

Kindness in the time of Covid

(This was written at the onset of covid in March 2020)

I truly love this picture taken by my sister,Nina on her kindly rounds looking for the homeless to feed in this dreadful time of the virus.It is a beautiful picture that depicts not of mockery or sympathy but one of charity,both sides helping one another.The one in the picture is giving the one taking the picture a chance to do a deed of benevolence.What I like most in the picture is the tin of cookies that Nina left on the bag for him to eat! A small act of kindness and courage to walk on the streets during this time when everyone else is at home.Some may think it to be a foolish deed during this time but I feel it is a noble act.

Very often while Nina and I used to drive around ,she would point out to me these homeless and broken people and say to me….”these are my people!”.She used to tell me that she would like to buy food for them on her ‘payday’ and hand it out to them.I encourage her,never even for once being afraid because of the crisis going on.So she did it and I admire her for it.I write to tell of her story not because she is my sister but because this picture is a picture of beauty of the heart,a work of compassion and kindness in action.

This is what Nina says in her own words……..”What can we do for these people, I call them my people, lost, no place to call home and just high on drugs. Oh I’m sure the government have tried to help them but I’m sure they probably refused the help because of their mental state of mind afflicted by depression, rejection,desperation and tormented by the grips of addiction and worthlessness.In these time of Covid and still very cold outside, quite a few just fall straight to sleep on alleyways and especially around 7 Eleven’s or MacDonalds. They’re humans no matter what they’ve become, hopeless downtrodden and sneered by many but they still need to eat and be cared for. I have bought a few cookies and if I should see them in my surrounding areas, I’ll offer them a tin, whether they choose to eat, it’s up to to them. I know God still cares for them and I’m happy to help in a small way, even if we only feed one, then that one survives hopefully.”

When we sincerely open our hearts to look within,what do or can we see of ourselves?

When we look at this picture what could be thoughts and emotions that might be evoked.We might think, this doesn’t happen in this day and age.Perhaps,we will feel disgust,despair,shamefulness.Yet maybe we might feel a twinge of connectedness and hopefulness we can give ourselves a chance to open our hearts to respond with humaneness to humanity itself!

To be Spiritually Free

What it means to be Free? It means to be authentic/true to yourself,to live in open-minded/hearted willingness and acceptance in every circumstance,to love and embrace the friend and the foe without any trace of attachments/clinging,resentment,anger or animosity.To be able to give fearlessly without wanting or expecting anything back,feeling the abundance of lacking in nothing,of having everything sufficient in simplicity and humility.It is when we become courageous to take responsibilities of all actions instead of wielding blame and fault-finding tactics.

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

~~~ Jesus in the gospel of Matthew chapter 11:verse 29~~~~

To Live spontaneously in this Moment!To not be living or identifying with regrets, guilts,mistakes,miseries,pleasures and fears of the past nor be burdened with the worries,anxieties,trepidation and unknown outcomes of the future!

Being Humble

To be genuinely humble,we allow ourselves the courage and willingness to be open to learn wisely,to accept and simply be with whatever is present and happening right Now.We can be resilient to life’s challenges and adverse situations and know that we are giving ourselves the chance of learning to not resist,defend,deny and avoid running away from the truth.Humility is an antidote to pride/arrogance(ego-centirc motivations).Pride and arrogance block the path to peaceful,joyful and loving endeavours and living.