Wise Heart



Everything is sufficient for this Human journey!

“seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be given unto you”………Jesus

As we journey through our human existence in life, we walk  with an unknown sacred task already bestowed in each one…….each one is unique and special unto themselves,we are not who we think we are,for example, when asked who we are,we automatically claim to be a woman/man,a mother/father,batchelor/spinster,we might say we are a nurse,an electrician,a writer,a teacher……we can boast of certain things we have achieved in life or feel a failure for our regrettable actions of the past……there might be so many traits we can tell and expound of ourselves….but who are we truly?Where are we journeying into?what may be our destiny?

Whether we believe in a God, the Divine,a Universal consciousness,Jehovah,Allah or we call ourselves atheists/agnostics………..there is an unknown energy or what  I like to call a mystical force that is waiting to be unleashed within each of us directing us into finding our true higher purpose!How do we find this mystery?

We have to want it first,we have to acknowledge there is something within us that is more profound,that there is a purpose for our lives here on earth,instead of merely living a mundane life day in and day out,performing the same duties,responsibilities and enjoying certain activities as we deem suitable for us.Yes these are all good and needed for survival….but as there is a saying…….”there is more to life,than just living!”

We can start to be more open to life,to looking deeper into our present state,to start questioning of our true purpose of existence,we can start to be humble,to be grateful with sincerity,then we can start to ask,to seek and to knock on the door of truth!Are we willing to surrender to walking alone on the road away from the material illusory world….are we courageous to be silent and be guided by the unknown wisdom………

Are we ready to practice sincere forgiveness in exchange for that Blissful realm of Freedom Within where Love awaits unconditionally!15400575_10154002652435877_5068924883068126448_n

Take care

We often hear these words said…”take care”……we hear them at the time of a parting,when we say goodbye,we write it at the end of a text/e-mail message, in a card.We can convey a ‘take care’by patting someone on the back/shoulder,a hug,a kiss,a handshake.We say ‘take care”,when we hear of another having problems,feeling unwell,being disturbed/agitated,someone going thru a diificult time………

These words are actual blessings we impart to others….we care and we convey a message of comfort and hope and also as a peaceful gesture.We are also reminding another to be vigilant and mindful in tending to our inner and outer lives/living……….it brings to mind at the time of hearing those words……a chance to take stock and be aware of this moment………..

Very often we say these words and it just seems to pass with no awareness at all…as we become more in tune to these words,we can apply it to our inner self to connect it with becoming attentive to this moment and mindful of our actions,our thoughts,our feelings,our speech and look at ourself with kindness for having said these blessed words…”take care”…

And for us being told to take care………we are grateful and gracious to have been blessed,to have been reminded and that we can allow ourselves to be touched by another’s kind sentiments.

These two words “take care”sound so simple and easy to say,yet it is very meaningful and filled with benevolent intentions.We might find ourselves saying it practically everyday to someone or someone saying  it to us in various circumstances even without any reason at all.And very often,we take these words for granted,very fleeting like as though its a norm to mention it and yet there are times we can find our hearts speaking and making it a very altruistic gesture…truly wishing for the other/s to keep well,to be mindful and be not in suffering/pain/disturbances.We will find ourselves saying these words easily to strangers,people we care for,people who are not close to us and even to so called ‘enemies’…. truly where does these words originate from….if we really take a deeper look it comes from within,from that part of us that is hidden,that is innately filled with pure consciousness.Sometimes,we can almost hear those words being said by ourselves or others in a very hallowed tone…….subdued and mindful…..it can bring on goosebumps!

When we take care of ourselves,we can definitely take care of others.When our hearts are open to compassion ……the mind finds peace!Very often we think that taking care of ourselves entail selfish motivations,like going out to enjoy ourselves without care or concern for anybody else….(of course its good to have some form of healthy activities/recreation/fun).But truly taking care of ourselves is about finding inner peace,seeking comfort for our bodies,emotions and mental infirmities,caring for our well-being,acknowledging our shortcomings and finding solutions and answers and facing our problems in order to arrest them swiftly instead of escaping and prolonging the difficulties…..when we suffer…others suffer along…(much of the time we are unaware that others are suffering because of our callousness and self-neglect).when we care for ourselves….others will benefit as well…..making it beneficial for all around.

We can practice caring for ourselves by taking time to like/love ourselves,to value our worthiness,to value what we have been gifted,our families,our spouses,our friends,people in our everyday associations,even our ‘enemies’(someday they might just help us!)Most importantly that we don’t take for granted what we have been given……we can choose to truly see ourselves deeply and make changes to our attitudes/behaviours and unwholesome habits, at how we might be affecting others around us in a negative way……we don’t care if things are unhappy,but we strive to make it better for ourselves……….when we make sincere/genuine changes……all around us will also change…..

We can take today/tomorow or anytime and make it fruitful with well meaning intentions for ourselves and others….we can  give ourselves the comfort of a quiet moment to look within our hearts and feel love and know that we can find peace and joy……………..

……in meditation/reflection/prayer……in quiet reading… sitting in a comfortable chair……in the in-out breadth…..walking in a park/outdoors…..looking at sunrise/sunset/nature…….listening to soothing music……loving a pet/child/another……while preparing a meal……simply being mindful of the thoughts/speech/actions/feelings and becoming aware of all the good intentions that follow the words ‘take care’.We can also take care in the comfort that we are not going through pains/difficulties/uncertainties and fears all by ourself but when we can see or hear of or know that a friend,a loved one,a stranger and others going through uncomfortable times,we can strive to turn our sufferings into compassion for ourselves and others.

No one can really take care of us(our inner being)…..people can care with their thoughtful/kindly/physical intentions but taking care of ourselves is the work of our very own self that requires self enquiry,conscious effort and the very purpose of helping and bettering ourselves to know that we can be peaceful,happier,content,kindly/loving and beneficial to ourselves and others.

When we say ‘take care’……..we are sharing goodness from our Hearts!We are sharing,each others vulnerabilities and human-ness.We can open that path of our hearts to witness compassion………..When we are in constant practice of taking care of our Being(body,mind,soul),we will share unconditional compassion/understanding and respect for all and not only for those we care or close to us………………….




Healing the past

I want to share a little bit of myself with the picture of this book(which I came across today) and how it started me out to venture into myself,into the past,…to find memories that have haunted me,caused me intense sufferings,emotional,mental and spiritual affictions that I could not understand or cope with….thus I lived with tremendous amount of anger/hatred,addictions and ‘ugly’ temper flare-ups most of my life…..mostly directed at myself,hurting a lot of people,the one sufferring the most was myself………………….

I never thought I would have the courage or knowledge to read this book and find healing thru it.I grew up being Catholic,followed catholic traditions….for me to read this book would be blasphemous,besides I was not a reader,never liked reading,fact or fiction!Worst still I would never read anything that wasn’t Catholic oriented..This was my very first book I picked up when I needed some form of guidance…it was under my bed for a long time,I found it at the front door left by a colleague….she leaves me books mostly spiritual new age kinds…..I used to get annoyed and simply put them away under the bed.This was the first spiritual book of hundreds I read since November 1998…the month I came back from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia,my heart and spirit broken into smithereens,spiralling down the abyss,financially empty,high in debts,spiritually parched,depressed and deteriorating healthwise……

Picking up this book to read and while reading it ……..I felt a door to a new unknown realm open….I made a conscious effort to follow into the opened door…………And What one finds in that dimension is an individual walk into a beautiful journey of wondrous experiences,Awareness,understanding and Love! The journey will be different for each one………..Picture1