The Queen’s bed

The queen’s bed

…….there is a story of a servant girl in ancient India who cleaned the queen’s room…one day she wanted to feel what it was like to lie on the queen’s bed which looked very comfortable and grand……….so she climbed onto the bed and fell asleep.The queen came into the room to find the girl asleep on her royal bed………she was furious!”how dare this servant girl sleep on my bed!”.The queen took the girl’s broom and started beating her…….at first the maid cried and screamed in pain from the blows………after a few beatings,the girl started to laugh…the queen stopped beating and was puzzled….she asked the girl why was she laughing instead of crying…..the maid answered……..”I only slept in your bed for a few minutes and I got several blows,I laughed because I thought how many blows you must have suffered sleeping on this bed for years!”………….

The ‘blows/beatings’we all suffer in life are the same for everyone….the rich and poor,the ugly and beautiful,the clever and ignorant,the good and bad..etc.Whether we sleep on a fancy expensive mattress or a cheap simple mattress,whether we enjoy the extravagance of riches or the lack in poverty,no one escapes the inner states of suffering….worries, anxiety,envy,torments,fears,guilts,shames,desires and attachments.When we can have a true understanding of our inner self and strive to see the beauteous Within ourselves….there can be no envy or hatred or anger or judging or misunderstanding of another…when we know ourselves,we know the other.True happiness comes from the wisdom of knowing the Self!


What are we doing?

What are we doing?images2IFFAGPZ

Are we so distracted by worldly affairs,we dont notice our own Self,what our soul needs?

Are we so occupied with the frenzy for fun and pursuit of happiness that we forget who we are?

Are we so ensnared by the influence of the world to seek self importance, recognition and gains that we deny to listen to the inner call?

Are we triggered by the restlessness of the ego-centric mind,that we fail to see our own sufferings?

Are we in constant need to escape suffering we dont want to heal and find peace…….

Are we so eveready to blame and not want to take responsibilities for mistakes,that we refuse to forgive and be compassionate…….