Allow the Heart to be Broken

Let the Heart be broken

Whatever we need to feel in this moment,we allow ourselves to feel.Let the pain,grief, hurt,disappointments,loss,betrayals and joys open the path into the Heart and break open its door.Let yourself be not afraid of opening into the heart,for it is wise and knows how to fully feel its capacity and work its way to healing.When we fear to break the Heart,we block the True path to God(Love).

When we are so habitually dependent to identify with and believe on the state of the troubled mind,we find ways only to escape the afflictions thus prolonging pain and suffering.We are thus kept trapped in clinging and hankering for happy, pleasureable and false enticements…..

No matter what we may think,feel or believe ourselves to be,we are Pure energy of Love and Consciousness,incapable of deliberate injurious intentions! And while we travel along the journey of life,we have a sole purpose to find our way into the Heart to witness,be and live that Truth of who we Truly are! And so we can assist to make the world around us a brighter place to be in for ourselves and all those who live in it.

Can we truly reflect on this…..if we do not have love,joy and kindness to offer of ourselves…who or what are we?

Author of To Resurrect the True Self


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