The Call to Love

And how do we bring Love into the world?We first begin to become aware of our own lives,in our interaction with others….are we a source of kindness and loving presence?What and how do we feel truly about ourselves and how can we make a difference or a change?

We live each moment to the invitation and openness of Love.We are infinitely called to be kind, to practice charity/compassion,to respect and understand,to exude simplistic joy and selflessness,to offer and ask forgiveness for ourselves and others.These are the hardest/toughest yet the greatest ‘mountains’we need to animate(move with faith, courage,trust,humility) within ourselves to awaken us into the realm of Conscious Living!We each have that Power of a tender, wise heart to open up into the path of enlightenment,thus benefitting ourselves and others.

Author of To Resurrect the True Self


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