Sanctity of Our True Nature

When we revel in nature, how do we describe it,spectacular,marvelous,gorgeous and ineffable(when it is too immense to describe).We admire the authencity of nature, untainted,as it is,pure,untouched,original!And thats why we call it nature,in its raw naked form.

As we admire and marvel at every natural beauty in the sacred moment,the admiration itself reflects our own Pure,intact and Conscious state of Being.

Nature itself becomes the mirror to reflect our inner state so we can witness the Joy from where it arises…from Within!

When we walk we can make it a meditation,a prayer,a loving thought and intention.For each step we take, we can become aware of it and make it a peaceful awareness of the beauty we are Within.

We then can bring that peaceful awareness wherever we go, however we are,with whomever we are with.We can be mindful to remember that just as nature is ineffably beautiful,so is That within each and every being!


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