Kindness in the time of Covid

(This was written at the onset of covid in March 2020)

I truly love this picture taken by my sister,Nina on her kindly rounds looking for the homeless to feed in this dreadful time of the virus.It is a beautiful picture that depicts not of mockery or sympathy but one of charity,both sides helping one another.The one in the picture is giving the one taking the picture a chance to do a deed of benevolence.What I like most in the picture is the tin of cookies that Nina left on the bag for him to eat! A small act of kindness and courage to walk on the streets during this time when everyone else is at home.Some may think it to be a foolish deed during this time but I feel it is a noble act.

Very often while Nina and I used to drive around ,she would point out to me these homeless and broken people and say to me….”these are my people!”.She used to tell me that she would like to buy food for them on her ‘payday’ and hand it out to them.I encourage her,never even for once being afraid because of the crisis going on.So she did it and I admire her for it.I write to tell of her story not because she is my sister but because this picture is a picture of beauty of the heart,a work of compassion and kindness in action.

This is what Nina says in her own words……..”What can we do for these people, I call them my people, lost, no place to call home and just high on drugs. Oh I’m sure the government have tried to help them but I’m sure they probably refused the help because of their mental state of mind afflicted by depression, rejection,desperation and tormented by the grips of addiction and worthlessness.In these time of Covid and still very cold outside, quite a few just fall straight to sleep on alleyways and especially around 7 Eleven’s or MacDonalds. They’re humans no matter what they’ve become, hopeless downtrodden and sneered by many but they still need to eat and be cared for. I have bought a few cookies and if I should see them in my surrounding areas, I’ll offer them a tin, whether they choose to eat, it’s up to to them. I know God still cares for them and I’m happy to help in a small way, even if we only feed one, then that one survives hopefully.”

When we sincerely open our hearts to look within,what do or can we see of ourselves?

When we look at this picture what could be thoughts and emotions that might be evoked.We might think, this doesn’t happen in this day and age.Perhaps,we will feel disgust,despair,shamefulness.Yet maybe we might feel a twinge of connectedness and hopefulness we can give ourselves a chance to open our hearts to respond with humaneness to humanity itself!


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