To Begin the Brave Unknown

To Begin the Brave UnknownIn order for true spiritual growth to be effective and be inculcated,the self must be onward and forward with sincere, fearless and selfless actions and practises to living out,facing and experiencing all manner of life’s lessons as it arises without putting barriers, limitations and conditions on all phenomenon, so that the wise heart can exercise true understanding and knowledge.As I stood at the door of the church of St.Paul’s Richmond BC, in 1998,like a beggar begging for mercy and forgiveness, I knew within the depths of my heart I was ready and willing to put aside all my worldly egoic selfish habituated beliefs of all sorts in order to open my mind and heart to learn the ways of healing.I was willing to be opened to a new life and new birth to anything that might help me end unnecessary suffering. Although I did not know what or how am I to proceed along this new route,the main thing was taking the first step to be humbled and with sincere and right intention of letting go of all false beliefs and the need to hold and control things that have already gone out of control…I surrendered and took courage to allow myself to walk thru the door of the unknown……………….


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