The Power of Amazing Grace

In that moment of grace,it feels like the door of ‘heaven’ opens up to allow us a glimpse of our sacredness and goodness within.It is a time when we are actually touching the inner chamber of the heart(soul,spirit,God,etc…)This is what is meant by the grace-filled moment.It is when we do not run away from either the profundity of intense pain or wondrous bliss but instead look directly into its compelling mysterious force which could make us act spontaneously with tenderness,softness,gentleness and humble courage.We surrender to the power of letting go(relinquishing sense of control),allowing what is to be will be! Grace usually acts with and in kindness to do something benevolent and beneficial for spiritual evolution and human betterment for self and others.This is truly the most beautiful experience on the stage in the journey to find our True Self!

In humility we might fall to our knees simply by hearing a word such as ‘love’,peace’,’kindness’,’God’and be overwhelmed with gratitude.In these moments,the barriers that we have been so conditioned to barricade the heart with might start its shattering process to allow the heart to break completely open in order to be purified!

We are all being called quietly within,not one human being will be exempted or deprived of this moment of Grace if we allow ourselves to listen attentively away from the noise.

In my experience of Grace, was when I was crying on the plane non-stop during the very long flight from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia back home to Vancouver,Canada (Novemeber 1998).I was shamefully feeling like a failure,worthless and broken,lost in life.Yet despite that dark period, I felt a sense of sacred surrendering overwhelming me,asking of me to let go to the goodness, the humility,the whatever I had to face.It felt like I could see a tiny spark of Light at the end of the tunnel.I could feel my heart breaking,tearing apart immensely which I believed was the shattering process of the walls of my heart beginning to crumble down warranting a complete fearless opening to face myself.

It is the power of Grace that gives us the clarity to see the truth that for a long time we had been blinded by and how lost we are in the illusory world.

Author of the book To Resurrect the True Self