Waking Up to Truth

Waking up to Truth

Most of us have heard this saying…’ignorance is bliss’.It can also mean to be oblivious to be open to the Truth.We tend to be afraid of knowing what is true,the truth that we keep hidden within the recesses of our being,we can call this our ‘dark secrets’.Playing ignorant and pretentious of our lives.This help protect our ‘cushy’lifestyle and keep us safe in our comfort-zones with people, materialistic ways of living and situations(pleasant or unpleasant) we are used to surrounding ourselves with.

Most often,these comfort-zones that we hold-on to no longer serve us meaningfully or give us purposeful living.Yet we go on wasting energy pretending to enjoy and be seemingly happy with our lives on the surface.In truth, the undercurrent within us is in turmoil and disturbed,yet we find ourselves denying this truth.

We need answers,we need comfort,we need knowledge,a direction,a guidance to the truth of our purpose in Life!

Yet we dismiss and ignore the very very quiet nudging that beckons us to take stock,to halt and listen,to pay attention,to relax and care for our true needs.

We are in truth succumbing to the fear of losses, rejection,more pain and enduring suffering,of changes,of being ridiculed and taunted and of the mysterious unknown!And there is also the fact and difficult task of ‘how to begin and what to do!’

I faced these dilemmas most of my life, knowing quietly that I was intensely suffering,yet not knowing how to deal with it,what to do with the truth of my suffering.The more I struggled with suffering,the more it seemed to follow me and caused me more anger and hatred of myself.I was in fact truly ignorantly looking for permanent happiness and love,to be loved and to love!I didn’t realize at the time that Love and happiness were already within me and this separation and ignorance caused so much more pain and suffering.

How did I begin the waking up to truth?

I had to acknowledge and admit firstly that I was indeed suffering and trying hard to suppress its toxicity and being dangerous to myself and others.Here being dangerous means that as we unconsciously suffer needlessly,we impose our pain upon others either unconsciously or deliberately to cause suffering in ways of anger, hatred(usually directed at self) or even by drastic measures in ways of violence,addictions/obsessions,mental,emotional,sexual abuses,spiritually dead and depression leading to various mental incapacities and eventual insanity.

I had to sincerely learn with devotion(faith) to steadfastly surrender the ignorance and seek the help needed to be freed from pain and suffering. I went fervently on a daily basis to sit in reflection of my life in a quiet church and pour out my heartaches and foolishness into the unknown.And as I sat, I realized I was delving deeply into my being,witnessing the truth of myself.This endeavour became the start of meditation practices…a true Love affair with myself.This sublime process drew me deeper into myself,seeing all my imperfections, flaws,mistakes,hidden ‘dark secrets’as well as goodness.Instead of judging and churning negative criticism of myself……I started opening up to compassion and forgiveness of myself.Tears flowed profusely in remorse and shame and of knee high buried guilt.All I could do was embrace myself with humble courage/strength of facing the truth,freeing/releasing myself of denials and holding on to toxic afflicted energies.

As I meditated to know my true self,I loved myself for the courage and the truth that I was able to face.And this truth in return sets us all free from unnecessary/wasteful suffering.

We valiantly take the lancet to pierce through and drain the poisonous pus(the cause of pain and suffering) out of our ‘infected boil’ within ,thus making way for true healing!

Author of To Resurrect the True Self

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