Spring arrives!



Within the Heart


The Heart does not believe,it knows!

The Heart follows no other voice but its own….

It is a chamber of absolute Truth.

The heart allows the freedom of afflictive emotional states and experiences,yet has the resilience to resolve with understanding and compassion.

The Heart takes no part in duality,divisiveness and separation.

It beats in continuous unity with the whole of human and cosmic consciousness.

It cannot hold within its arena the destructive energies of hatred,anger,jealousy,selfishness,greed and maliciousness.

It harbors only innate qualities of wisdom,kindness,selflessness,forgiveness and tenderness.

When the Heart truly breaks,there can only come forth is the flow of Sweet Love!


Silence Within

“silence is the language of God”~~~~~~Father Thomas Keating

via Photo Challenge: Silence

In the esoteric dimension of our Being,the Beloved’s voice calls and in that silent secret temple,the Lover will descend to meet…only the Lover and Beloved will endorse their knowledge of each other’s Divine language of Love……..

Through the exoteric realm,that union of Lover and Beloved can truly be made known and channeled.A true living relationship of Oneself and humanity begins in the Silent wisdom of the Heart…………..

As sentient beings, we are always plagued by problems,situations we deem complex,emotionally disturbing and unsolvable,crucial decisions to make,family feuds,physical ailments and mental torments……what do we do?We naturally look for answers in the world ….externally,outside of ourselves,sometimes foolishly and hastily,then we make impetuous decisions which sometimes can be worse and we put ourselves and others in even more precarious, challenging and uncalled situations……………
We spend all our energies giving adulations, placing so much attentions and focus on others’ beauty/intelligence and fame.We believe in the so called ‘truth’ of most social medias,we often rely that others are better than us,have better knowledge than us,we also emphasize on the importance of material gains and accumulations to define our worth and self estem in society…..and yet feel a ‘missing’within us,with a sense of emptiness/devoid of something……………………

Isn’t the breadth and the heartbeat far greater than all the glitz and glamour of the world?These are the true sustenance of Life and living…….isn’t the breadth and heartbeat of a starving African child the same as that of a person with a royal title or that the breadth and heartbeat of a terrorist differs from that of a spiritual master?

We all have that capacity of Divine intelligence within us….why look for superficial and temporary answers/relief exoterically!We are actually the creators,destroyers and restorers of our own sufferings and also of our own joys…………….

Every time we stop and give reverence and remembrance to our breadth and to our Inner Self…..to the knowledge that Love resides in that very heartbeat….we become aware of our very existence, actions,thoughts,words and surroundings….we can rely upon ourselves to make decisions and solutions based on compassion and wisdom…within the silence of the Heart.sunset