Facing ourselves

Facing ourselves…………

When we are fearful to come face to face,feel and experience our pains,sufferings,emotional/mental/psychological turmoils fully and deeply, all we do is burying them deeper and deeper…..we cannot be free of encumberances.we self imprison ourselves to a life of unhappiness and disharmony,confusion,inability to understand and relate and to experience the nobility/sanctity of compassion and joy….how would we be understanding,respectful and be of help and support for another?

When we stop to deal with whatever pain that we undergo one at a time,we can start facing realities,we can start facing the truth of our human conditions,we will come to know our human nature……..we can learn to be tender human beings,kindly and loving(inherent within us).We can therefore,learn to be adept to grow in heartfelt wisdom and not be afraid at handling and facing all other situations and circumstances as they arise……..we can therefore truly enjoy our lives fully and authentically…….

Can we for a minute imagine ourselves in the time of the Buddha or Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed,some thousands of years ago……what would we do for dealing with our everyday anxieties/worries…..can we imagine how we will be…….Who we are?who are we truly…..if we could ask ourselves this question!

Yes the truth is the hardest thing to face, it daunts and torments but once we brace ourselves to confront it head on,the fear dissipates……..we can free ourselves from chaos and witness our noble valor and inner vitality……even the vilest prisoner can free himself/herself from suffering by facing the truth of themselves….and find the freedom and peace and joy while still imprisoned.We need to empower ourselves in the truth rather give away our power to illusory beliefs and ideologies and fantasies that does nothing to help us heal and become humane, peaceful, loving,kind and beneficial to the growth of others……………
“and the truth shall set you free”~~~~~Jesus


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