Living Kindness

“however many holy words you read,however many you speak,what good will they do if you don’t act on upon them”________Buddha

“however many holy words you read, however many you speak,what good will they do if you don’t act on upon them”__________Buddha

What are our thoughts on kindness.Can we ponder/reflect on this word?How have kindness played a vital part in our lives,has it moved us,touched us,changed us or has it been a neglected/hidden energy left to be explored and experienced?Have we had the chance to be kind yet dismissed the whole gesture of it.Do we want to be kind?Can we be kind?Do we want kindness directed towards us?

I am sure the answer will be yes,we all would like some kindness in our lives.We might even expect people to be kind to us at most times.Yet are we willing to show true kindness without expectations for any returns……………………..



To exercise Kindness requires the wisdom, awareness and understanding of the heart and mind,without which it can become conditional to a state of no true bestowal of benefits and blessings to both giver and receiver,no touching or opening of hearts.It can become a duty to please another,it can be an ulterior motive to gain attention for oneself or to want rewards in return.Kindness in this condition therefore becomes a disguise for looking our best,trying to look good to mask our hidden ulterior agenda………There are also some who can be called soft hearted…….they will be foolishly ‘kind’ to all others but themselves(they are afraid to hurt others),and people take advantage of them,and suffering ensues both ways!


It is true what the Buddha says in the above quote……….we can be well versed in religious/holy scriptures but if we don’t exercise any form of kindness with the right and sincere of intentions,what good can come out of it,both for ourselves and others?

Kindness means a projection of good wishes,goodwill from one to another.It can be thru thoughts,feelings,words and action.A Kind deed is not restricted to only human beings but to animals,any form of living things,nature(the environment) and also towards inanimate objects(where we may show our aggression in the form of thrashing,littering,kicking,beating,damaging,etc.).


Do we choose to extend kindness to a select few people in our lives?Is it for those whom we care about,our families,close friends and associates or in some cases people cannot show kindness to people close to them but instead are able and find it easier to be kind to animals, strangers, people other than family and friends and some may falsely try to be ‘kind’to unkind people out of fear!And of course there are the some who cannot practice the art of kindness………..


What stops us from acting kindly and why?As sentient beings,we have the tendency to fear of being hurt,we want to protect our self limiting weaknesses of a sense of lack(not enough for myself).We need the control for being the ‘bigger one’,selfishly,we decide the other does not need any more kindness or goodness than they already have.The fear of being taken advantage of,’if I give more,they want more’.There is the fear of people expecting of them consistently,without the mutual exchange of kindness in return.And there is the fear of what do I get out of being kind to this person or that person,fearing a high expectation that wont be met.There is also the fear of rejection and ridicule for being kind,a bad taste that wont be repeated! The bottom line is fear itself!So we close ourselves and shut all our innate goodness within the locked walls of the heart?And we expect to find peace and joy?When we are afraid to be kind,we prevent the sweet fragrance of love to enter and leave the heart.


Kindness is the key to unlock the bolted door of the heart and in there we are able to see nothing lacking but a free flowing treasure-full space of generosity,charity and all pervading goodness that will never lack.Kind actions and intentions are the antidote to our insecurities,mean-ness,selfishness,jealousies,greed and miseries……….

When we are unafraid to act selflessly(acting for the benevolence of self and others)thru kindness of any sort,we open up and empty the mind and heart of negative energies and afflictions,we nourish the inner self,we witness our courage,strength and fortitude and we see goodness within and we can love,understand and respect ourselves and others.The radiating beauty,richness and grace of true kindness shines thru the Being eventhough the body maybe be covered in warts and scars.

….a poor maid,out of simplicity and happiness,on her day off,bakes a cake for her rich landlady……the door of her heart is flung open with love and kindness and has become the gracious and richer one than that of the landlady…..


Thoughtfulness and kindness go hand in hand,it is the willingness to make and see another happy without reservations,without limitations and without conditions,it is the willingness to go thru all extent for the benefit to wish another sincerely well,in good care, health and wealth.

Blessings of happiness arise for the giver seeing another happy,heart is opened,mind is relaxed and one’s mood and well-being is uplifted.Thus kindness works both ways.

Most importantly,are we being kind to ourselves… we deprive ourselves from the freedom to open our hearts to the warmth and tenderness of our own goodness!

There is absolutely nothing to lose from being kindly and acting out of kindness….all that we might lose would be pride,the fear of lack and arrogance!


At some point in all our lives,we have been affected and have witnessed true kindness,we don’t need to be holy/religious,to be a Buddhist,Christian,Hindu,Muslim, Jewish, order to experience kindness,we need only a creative heart of kind action!



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