A child’s kindness speaks….

A true story Aksa-Beach-Vendorsin the spirit of the Christmas season to warm our hearts……

A 10 year old Indian girl walking along the beach in Mumbai with her father.As it was her birthday, the father asked the little one what she wanted and the girl requested an ice cream.
While walking towards the ice cream vendor,the girl passed a severely disabled beggar,she stood staring at him while he was putting his hand out pleading for alms,her heart broke open seeing him that way!!………………..
She stopped her father and asked him to give the beggar some coins………….the father said that she could choose to go straight to get the ice cream with the coins or he would give the coins to the beggar and she would not have the ice cream at all!The girl chose the latter and both father and daughter walked home quietly.
That night before going to bed, she told her father that she was happy with herself for not having the ice cream and knowing that the beggar will have something to eat with the coins her father gave him…………………………..

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