Everything is sufficient for this Human journey!

“seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be given unto you”………Jesus

As we journey through our human existence in life, we walk  with an unknown sacred task already bestowed in each one…….each one is unique and special unto themselves,we are not who we think we are,for example, when asked who we are,we automatically claim to be a woman/man,a mother/father,batchelor/spinster,we might say we are a nurse,an electrician,a writer,a teacher……we can boast of certain things we have achieved in life or feel a failure for our regrettable actions of the past……there might be so many traits we can tell and expound of ourselves….but who are we truly?Where are we journeying into?what may be our destiny?

Whether we believe in a God, the Divine,a Universal consciousness,Jehovah,Allah or we call ourselves atheists/agnostics………..there is an unknown energy or what  I like to call a mystical force that is waiting to be unleashed within each of us directing us into finding our true higher purpose!How do we find this mystery?

We have to want it first,we have to acknowledge there is something within us that is more profound,that there is a purpose for our lives here on earth,instead of merely living a mundane life day in and day out,performing the same duties,responsibilities and enjoying certain activities as we deem suitable for us.Yes these are all good and needed for survival….but as there is a saying…….”there is more to life,than just living!”

We can start to be more open to life,to looking deeper into our present state,to start questioning of our true purpose of existence,we can start to be humble,to be grateful with sincerity,then we can start to ask,to seek and to knock on the door of truth!Are we willing to surrender to walking alone on the road away from the material illusory world….are we courageous to be silent and be guided by the unknown wisdom………

Are we ready to practice sincere forgiveness in exchange for that Blissful realm of Freedom Within where Love awaits unconditionally!15400575_10154002652435877_5068924883068126448_n

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