Be mindful

“the innate brilliance we are Within”

As the saying of Jesus says…..”be watchful,be vigilant as you do not know when the Master of the house will be coming back”

We are so caught up in this realm with all kinds of worldly treats to keep our senses occupied and busy and mostly pleasant……we do not heed any kind of bodily warning signs of wear and tear or take care of  our constant naggings of dissatisfactions, stressful and depressing inner conflicting emotional states and restless indecisive thoughts.Instead we find the need to escape into some kind of pleasurable activity that gives temporary comfort and happiness…it could be eating,watching tv,alcohol,drugs, going on a shopping spree,spending money to name a few.We forget to pay attention to the Truth…truth of our unhappy inner state of body,mind and soul.We are quick and habituated to bury all our sorrows and appear fine and dandy.The beauty of the inner self is covered in the debris of fears,guilts,shame and clinging to the past.We have become negligent of our own Innate brilliance we are Within!

In Buddhist teachings,the Buddha taught about becoming mindful and awake….to ever be watchful of the mind and the root causes of sufferings.When we can sit quietly with ourselves and pay attention to our actions,our thoughts,our speech and our feelings,we could perhaps,weed out the unsavoury parts within ourselves and learn to forgive and understand why we are and how better we can strive to be!



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