The Moment

When we can practice being present in this moment in the face of difficulties,disturbing situations,mental/emotional turmoils…or even when we feel overwhelm with elation and excitement and in need of a further ‘high’…….we can simply acknowledge there is only this moment in time that we have,we can breathe in and breathe out and be aware of of our breadths and the why we breathe… allow us to stay focus on this moment.Bring ourselves back each time our minds wander and tell ourselves the reason for the breadth and this moment is to find that center and be calm and just be with oursleves….in time as we practice we can be friends of who we are with all our problems and all our overwhelming experiences.Every rising phenomenon(pleasant and unpleasant) will eventually unfold and play itself out,giving us a chance to find a solution or calm down.

twoWhen there is no focus on the present moment,we get caught up either in the past where we tend to cling or grasp for that pleasant sensation and resent the unpleasant circumstance………we also tend to get frantic and panic and anxious when we see far up the future and the mind thinks that we cannot or will not get out of our difficulties….but in actual fact….we have only this moment to allow ourselves to be in……………….it is a special given time for whatever to be,will be!

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