Soften the Heart

In the practice of humility,we can learn to humble ourselves when facing losses,grief,hurts and injury,physical and emotional pains.In humbling ourselves,the heart opens in expansion and becomes pliable,fluid and easy to not be resistive or defensive to changes and challenging circumstances…it can allow one to be present and watch the deeper unfolding of pain,its root causes and learn what we have to learn from the pain………lessons could be to be patient,to be kind,to be charitable,to trust and respect oneself for the strength and courage to be with the suffering…..understanding arises and one is comforted and also be a source of comfort to others because of  that understanding.

On the other hand when the heart contracts and become resistive in the advent of  pains,the suffering is buried and one has learned to pretend and deny and will become defensive,bitter with resentment,anger and self hatred ensues and it will be projected upon others………thus unhappiness and afflictive energies of jealousies,meanness,selfishness and aggression will arise within the being!


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