Healing the past

I want to share a little bit of myself with the picture of this book(which I came across today) and how it started me out to venture into myself,into the past,…to find memories that have haunted me,caused me intense sufferings,emotional,mental and spiritual affictions that I could not understand or cope with….thus I lived with tremendous amount of anger/hatred,addictions and ‘ugly’ temper flare-ups most of my life…..mostly directed at myself,hurting a lot of people,the one sufferring the most was myself………………….

I never thought I would have the courage or knowledge to read this book and find healing thru it.I grew up being Catholic,followed catholic traditions….for me to read this book would be blasphemous,besides I was not a reader,never liked reading,fact or fiction!Worst still I would never read anything that wasn’t Catholic oriented..This was my very first book I picked up when I needed some form of guidance…it was under my bed for a long time,I found it at the front door left by a colleague….she leaves me books mostly spiritual new age kinds…..I used to get annoyed and simply put them away under the bed.This was the first spiritual book of hundreds I read since November 1998…the month I came back from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia,my heart and spirit broken into smithereens,spiralling down the abyss,financially empty,high in debts,spiritually parched,depressed and deteriorating healthwise……

Picking up this book to read and while reading it ……..I felt a door to a new unknown realm open….I made a conscious effort to follow into the opened door…………And What one finds in that dimension is an individual walk into a beautiful journey of wondrous experiences,Awareness,understanding and Love! The journey will be different for each one………..Picture1

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